Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Living On Earth Read From My Letter

About a month ago, "Living On Earth", the public radio show. Had a story about the Garbage Vortex. This is where all the plastic that ends up in the ocean accumulates. There are 5 vortexes around the world. The show had a great segment documenting this major issue, but I thought they could have spoken to someone about some solutions to this problem. Since they didn't I pitched in my 2 cents and in a letter proposed a National Bottle Deposit and a National Bill to charge people for bags at stores. Both of these would greatly increase our recycling rate and would really help us to clean up our country.

Here is what they ran:

Our interview about the trash vortex in the Pacific Ocean where garbage, mostly plastic, accumulates in an area the size of Texas brought this two-bit solution from Eric Durland of Silver Spring, Maryland. He suggests a national bottle bill—a 25-cent deposit on all plastic, aluminum and glass bottles and cans, and a quarter charge for plastic bags.

Is Bernie Sanders taking over the Bottle Bill Legislation in the Senate for Jim Jeffords? For those who don't know, Jim Jeffords has been a national champion of bottle bill legislation. I would like to interview Bernie and find out.


At 12:48 AM, Blogger mai said...

Hi Eric, great site!

I'm doing a project on the effect of homelessness on container return rates. The site is useful, but I can only find data on state return rates, which is fine but I need lots (>50) of data points!

Could you suggest where to look for stats on the return rate of containers in major US cities/counties?

At 11:49 PM, Blogger Eric Durland said...

You might have to buy the information from CRI (Container Recycling Institute) or you might check with state Departments of Natural Resources or equivalent. I know in Maryland they keep information of recycling rates by county. Good luck and check back if you find any good information. I would love to post what you find.


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