Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Delegate Todd Schuler On The Proposed Maryland Bottle Bill

Here is the best information on the bottle bill so far! Please be aware that Delegate Pete Hammen has another proposal for a bottle bill for Maryland so the final bill might look a bit different.

I will copy it from his website for everyone to see. If you want to see it for yourself go to Todd Schuler on Maryland Bottle Bill

"I am proud to announce that the first bill I will introduce in the House of Delegates, is a Bottle Deposit Bill. Immediately after winning the election, I was contacted by a student environmental group from the University of Maryland School of Social Work. The group, Citizens Using Resource Better, or C.U.R.B., has written a bottle bill, and as soon as I get down there, I will introduce it.

Currently about 35% of bottles and cans are recycled in the state of Maryland. Evidence indicates that a 5 cent deposit would essentially double recycling. In Michigan, the only state with a 10 cent deposit, bottle and can recycling is over 95%. West Virginia recently passed a bottle bill, making it the twelfth state to do so.

Our plan would charge a deposit to the consumer at the time of purchase. Any retailer desiring to be a redemption center could apply to be one. Redemption centers would have reverse vending machines installed, to accept and bag bottles and cans, and to issue a ticket for cash redemption. The vendor then redeems the consumer's cash deposit. Upon delivering the bottles and cans to a state approved recycling facility, vendors would receive the deposit, plus a 2 cent handling fee for every bottle or can.

The 2 cents to pay the vendors comes out of the unclaimed bottles and cans. Additionally, C.U.R.B. estimates and additional $30 million in state revenue generated from unclaimed bottles. Some of that money will have to pay for the infrastucture of the project, for instance subsidizing the reverse vending machines. The rest of the money will be earmarked for Chesapeake Bay cleanup.

The bottle bill creates jobs. It raises revenue without raising taxes. Most importantly, it promotes a healthy environment. I am very excited about this bill. I am very excited to get started in Annapolis. And I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve in the House of Delegates. Again, Thank You."

Thank You Representative Schuler. We look forward to hearing more about this and helping you to pass this important legislation.


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