Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Greenbelt, Maryland City Council Interested in a Bottle Bill

The Greenbelt City Council has expressed interest in a bottle bill. They note that it should be a Statewide effort. Maybe those that live in Greenbelt could get the council to pass some kind of declaration in support of a bottle bill on the state level.

Here is the appropriate minutes from the meeting:

"STATE LEGISLATION – DEADLINE TO REQUEST LOCAL AND BI-COUNTY BILLS : Mayor Davis read the agenda comments. Mr. Roberts asked if municipal planning and zoning authority would be raised again this year. The Mayor said she would rather work through the Prince George’s County Municipal Association on this matter. Mr. Herling said REAC was interested in a “bottle bill.” Mr. Moran responded that such a bill would more appropriately be statewide rather than local or bi-county. Mayor Davis suggested that REAC determine whether any of the environmental groups were proposing such a bill. In response to a question from Ms. Mach, Mr. Moran clarified that, unlike a statewide priority being pursued by the Maryland Municipal League, the City’s proposed bill to “increase the municipal share of the public safety surcharge” refers only to the surcharge for new development implemented by Delegate Ross’s bill of last year, which gives Laurel a higher percentage of the surcharge than other county municipalities. Mr. Roberts moved, with a second from Mr. Putens, that the City ask its delegation to submit by November 13 the above-referenced bill and a bill to prohibit the transfer of liquor licenses to gas stations. The motion carried 5-0."

I guess it is time to contact Mayor Davis and Councilmember Herling.

Another report showing Councilmember Herling's support for a Bottle Bill is located here.


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