Saturday, March 18, 2006

Potomac River Clean Up April 8

In conjunction with the Alice Ferguson Foundation and Friends of Rock Creek's Environment (FoRCE) there will be over 15 cleanup sites in the Rock Creek Watershed as well as lots of others through out the Potomac River Wathershed. Please go to the Alice Ferguson Foundation website for more information.

This cleanup will be very important for a bottle bill because we will be doing a survey of how much of the trash we pick up consists of beverage containers. One of the tactics used by the bottling industry to thwart bottle bills is to claim that beverage containers only make up a small fraction (they claim 7.8%, see posting below of letter from Tom Salter at Keep Knoxville Beautiful) of the garbage that we find on the side of the road and in creeks, etc. So, clean up site surveys can help to get accurate information to the front of the debate.

I will be organizing the site at Glenmont Park on Randolph Road in Wheaton, Maryland. (Behind the Wheaton-Glenmont Pool and Wheaton High School). If not my site there are plenty of other sites available.

Alice Ferguson Foundation


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